+ ready-made designs that will be customized to your brand
+ for budget-conscious branding 
+ every kit is being sold a limited amount of time for exclusivity
+ professionally made with Local-Desk-Vibe
+ ready for use in a matter of days

Brand Design 

To Go

Get your 

individual brand design in 3 easy steps!



+  Choose your favorite kit and purchase it via my website – every kit is being sold a limited amount of times which means that your design will be super exklusive
+  For help with choosing the right fit email me at: rike@localdesk.de 


+  I will customize the kit to you and your business within 10 working days (creating the logo elements with your name, setting up business cards and so on)
+  All you need to do is fill out the questionnaire that will be send to you after purchasing the kit


+  All the final elements and applications will be send to you – your new brand design is now ready for use.
+  For additional applications or services you can contact me any time via: rike@localdesk.de

+  for brands who celebrate life
+  crisp // positive // outgoing
+  great for brands around lifestyle, food & drinks and more

jurien bay

+  for mindful lifestyle brands
+  authentic // elegant // understated
+  great for brands around beauty, fashion, wellbeing and more


+ for mindful brands, that nurture and feel good
+ timeless // attentive // balanced // exclusive
+ great for brands around spa & retreat, yoga, sustainability and more


+ for brands who value design and have a strong focus  
+ reduced to the essential  // confident // minimalist
+ great for brands around product design, interior, photography, arts …

the buursk

+ for unique & extravagant brands with an edge
+ modern // lush // strong 
+ great for brands around jewelry, accessories, fashion and much more


+ for modern & friendly brands
+ balanced but fresh // caring for details
+ great for brands around sustainability, styling, lifestyle, florist and more

kraut & blume

All usage rights to your customized brand kit will be transferred to you after all the designs are finalized and paid in full.


Absolutely! Colors are an essential part of reflecting your brands values. After you purchase the kit you'll be given the opportunity to tell me all about your brand values and vibe.

Can we change the Color Palette

Please bear in mind that you have to pay license fees for your brand fonts on top of the cost of the brand kit. These additional costs are listed for each kit and I#ll provide you with all the links you need to purchase the licenses.

You pay for Font Licenses

Every kit is only going to be sold a limited amount of times and will be carefully customized. This guarantees that your design will be totally exclusive and unique.


If you need more applications that is not a problem at all – just message me any time of the process to book more collaterals for your brand kit.

Additional Services

After you purchase your Kit I totally customize it to you and your business, and you'll be provided with all the elements and digital files. That is why exchanging, returning or refunding your brand kit is not possible.

Purchase & Return

+ you are happy with your current brand design
+ you want to work with me 1:1
(see my services)
+ you run a big company with multiple employees (you should invest in 1:1 services)
+ you do not value design 

Not for you, if:

+ you are done DIYing your design
+ you are frustrated and held back by your current design
+ you want to grow and explore more opportunities
+ you are starting out with your business and don't have a big budget yet
+ you have a tighter timeline
+ you value good & professional design

This is for you, if:

Every Kit is designed with a different brand in mind and thus comes with unique elements. All the exact elements are listed for each Brand Kit. Elements that are included in each Kit are: multiple Logos and Sublogos, a curated color palette, professional font pairings, design elements, social media templates, business card design and one feedback loop.

What's included?

It is a ready-made design that will be customized to your brand. It includes all the elements that are essential for a professional brand design. And it's made for passionate entrepreneurs who want to rocket start their biz and who do not have the budget for 1:1 service (yet).

What is a Brand Kit?

Most Important Infos about the Brand Kits