Gundarson is our new classic serif typeface inspired by the late 80s magazines and editorial layouts with their narrower typefaces.

Elegant Curves and soft terminals create its refined and friendly vibe. Unique features and bespoke shapes will give your text a peculiar feel.

The Gundarson font family is expanded by rich and elegant italics – a beautiful must-try font family.

+ OTF and TTF files
+ Web font file (.WOFF) – only with Webfont License
+ Full upper and lowercase alphabet in 8 weights 
+ Numbers & Punctuation & Basic Symbols
+ Basic Non-English support

Gundarson Serif –
A Timeless 8-Font Family

from $ 24

By Local Desk for Oshione


By The Tomorrow Collective

By Morgan Grant Creative

THE FONT BROUGHT TO LIFE by brands, designers & Creatives

Each license allows different usage situations. A desktop license will cover the functions of most design work (i.e. making logos, print materials, social media promos, etc.).

A web license is needed when you plan to use and embed the font on a website. You won't need a web license if you create images with the text that you upload to your site – for example, a logo on a website is just fine with a desktop license because it's an image, not editable type.

An e-pub license covers the use for ebooks, so if you wanted to use a font for your chapter titles and publish the book to Kindle or another ebook format, you'll need an e-pub license.

An App license you need, when you'd like to use the font as non-editable text in an app.
Note: this is not a server license, so you cannot use an app license for print-on-demand or customizable design apps (i.e. Canva, Over, etc.).

What’s the difference between licenses?

Yes! Get yourself a desktop license to use this font for your logo or other print designs. If you plan to use the font on your website (outside of a rasterized image or vectorized logo), you need a web license as well.

Can I use these fonts for my logo?

Which license is right for you?

You'll need as many licenses as users. So if you work at a company where 10 designers on your team will need access to the font, you'll need to purchase 10 of the appropriate license.

How many licenses do I need?